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That appears quite appealing: select R-30 about the underside in the deck at our house applying a combination of fiberglass batts and XPS as I explained earlier mentioned, and after that insert a further R-10 (two" XPS) on the best facet when we tear down and re-roof? However that sounds like It is as well uncomplicated.

Thank you, Martin and Stephen. The good news is we've been in the problem wherever we can easily pause and rethink, as The brand new felt continues to be positioned, However they haven't started setting up shingles however. I'll focus on the situation While using the contractor yet again. I may be able to get him to rethink.

This information will explore insulated sloped roofs. The techniques explained listed here can be employed to make an insulated cathedral ceiling over a great place, a section of sloped roof higher than a kneewall, or any similar section of insulated sloped roof.

It is actually far more important to have an inside air barrier than an interior vapor retarder. Ensure that you've created a fantastic air barrier by sealing all penetrations and cracks.

I see the recommendation is that when starting with board sheathing, just one need to spot a watertight membrane more than the sheathing in advance of putting in the bottom layer of foam. On the other hand, in my case the roofer has previously finished putting new felt about the T&G board ceiling/roof deck. Can that felt substitute for the prescribed watertight membrane, here in San Jose/Weather Zone three?

The very best Option is to handle your situation from previously mentioned, by introducing a big number of rigid foam over your existing roof sheathing. It is possible to build up the levels yourself, of You should buy SIPs or nailbase panels.

Changing the Intelo membrane to glued & taped OSB or Plywood by using a assistance cavity under made of framing lumber does make the assembly a lot easier to build.

If you need to develop a conditioned attic, this post informs you what you need to know. To find out more on The subject, see Making a Conditioned Attic.

Doug I click here for more info agree, too many wrongs "overthinking" and overdoing. I after had to resupply a doctor constructing an aircraft with dozens of the see this plane bolts since they were tightened to the point of breaking the bolts. Fewer is a lot more from time to time... Together with the KISS rule.

A. When your target is to set up a good air barrier, then drywall is undoubtedly ample, so long as you seal all penetrations to avoid air leakage. For additional on putting in drywall in an airtight manner, see Airtight Drywall.

Whilst roof air flow can help dry out moist roof sheathing, it’s essential to Restrict the circulation of h2o vapor escaping in the house so which the roof sheathing hardly ever gets moist to start with.

Doug... For a few rationale I did't see your put up #seventeen. Looks like two of find us no less than Assume there is likely to be a really easy reasonably priced Answer.

A brand new standalone direct vent gasoline stove goes in on the significantly end with the home beneath the metallic box. I figure if we use XPS board, it must be pulled back numerous inches from close to that place, but I didn't Assume it could protect against me from utilizing XPS completely. Looks as if Roxul is considerably less of an issue with regards to warmth/hearth.

You say "You do not need an interior vapor barrier," but you also say that "You'll need a superior air barrier on both sides of your fiberglass batts." The latter would turn out to be an interior vapor barrier not so?

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